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Wej-Con Concrete Screws

Threaded anchors featuring twin-lead threads and R-Blocker coating

Key Features and Benefits
  • Cuts threads in structural concrete, hollow block, brick, mortar, CMU, etc.
  • Twin-lead threads with V-notches
        - Eases installation
        - Increases pullout values
  • Slotted hex washer head and phillips flat head available
  • Fully threaded point
  • Drill bit included in each box
  • R-Blocker Finish
  • Blue R-Blocker coating Finish
        - Provides 1000 hours of salt spray resistance per
           ASTM B117
  • Silver R-Blocker coating on A10 stainless steel
        - Provides 1500 hours of salt spray resistance per B117 and
           is also ACQ-compatible
  • Eliminates need for inserts
  • Can be removed and reinstalled as often as necessary

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