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Inject-TITE ST Standard-Set Formula Epoxy Acrylate

NOTE: Do not allowed mixed epoxy to reside in static mixing head or mixer for more than 5 minutes, or gelation and blockage may result.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Won't shrink, avoiding unwanted forces in member
  • For both solid and hollow base materials
  • Non-sag
  • Low odor
  • Eliminates expansion forces
        - Allows use close to free edge
  • Solvent-free, allowing for greater flexibility in applications
  • Two-year shelf life in original, unopened container
  • Not sensitive to UV light after cure
  • Moisture insensitive before, during and after cure
        - Allows use in wet or damp holes
  • Resists tensile and shear loads due to earthquake and wind
        - Suitable for seismic conditions
  • 20.5 oz. (600 ml) size available only

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