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Heavy-duty hollow-wall anchors carry twice the load in a smaller hole than standard anchors

Key Features and Benefits
  • New, patented strap design with sturdier straps and smaller ratchet interval:
        - Adjusts more precisely and snaps off flush to surface
        - Pushes aside insulation
  • Anchor is pre-assembled and ready for immediate use
  • Holds up to twice the load of standard wing toggles
  • Uses a shorter bolt; no need to carry a wing
  • Resists vibration and shock
  • Pre-installs without fixture or bolt
        - Installs in a significantly smaller hole (up to 50%) than standard wing toggle
        - Maintains integrity of wall, ceiling, or floor, strengthening the fastening
  • Does NOT spin when bolt is installed with gun
  • New plating is 7 times more corrosion-resistant than B633-85 Type III, SC1 plating
        - Provides 350 hours salt spray resistance
  • Does NOT fall behind wall when bolt is removed; fixture can be removed and reinstalled as often as desired
† New plating available only on BA, BB, BM5, BM6, BAL, BBL, BM5L and BM6L.

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