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Key Features and Benefits
  • Self-drilling - no pre-drilled hole required
  • Two styles available:
        - MINI: 0.4" dia. head, 1/4" dia., 1.25" length
        - Regular: 0.62"dia. head; 5/16" dia., 1-5/8" length
  • Higher load-bearing capability and screw size range than other self-drilling drywall anchors
  • Built-in "positive-stop" prevents over-driving the anchor when using a screw gun or hand drill
  • Activate and lock with an audible "POP", providing positive feedback that they are installed correctly
  • Resist vibration and shock
  • Provide high pull-out resistance
        - Do not back out of the wall when the screw is removed
        - Can be removed easily, without damaging wall
  • Unique tip prevents "walking" to ensure accurate and easy drilling

NOTE: Only the threaded portion of the screw should be in the anchor itself; any unthreaded shank portion of the screw may be in the fixture or item being anchored, but not in the anchor.

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