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POWER-Sert High-Performance® for Epoxy
used with Inject-TITE Epoxies

The ultimate problem fixer

Key Features and Benefits
  • Slightly larger bottom lobe creates a keying effect at the deepest anchor point
  • Provides high holding values
  • Exclusive FRICTION-FIT allows immediate fastening of fixture while epoxy cures
  • No need to move equipment or fixtures to be fastened - ideal for in-place use††
  • Easy installation - no special tools required
  • Close edge distance and spacing
  • Shallow embedment
        - Helps avoid rebar and drill-through
        - Epoxy bond and shallow embedment minimize effects of cone failure
  • Vibration-resistant - epoxy bond withstands more seismic vibration loading
    than most standard mechanical anchors

FRICTION-FIT without full epoxy cure is for light-duty temporary holding only and produces far less than advertised ultimate holding values.
†† Pre-drilled hole in fixture must be large enough to accommodate correct size of carbide-drill bit.

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