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POWER-Skru Bolt Anchors
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The POWER-Skru Bolt Anchor is a high-strength screw anchor with self-taping threads that offer a unique undercutting design for anchoring into concrete and masonry. No secondary setting is needed. The POWER-Skru Bolt Anchor provides high-strength performance with low installation torque. A heavy-duty mechanically-galvanized finish is available to enhance corrosion resistance.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Electroplated zinc or heavy-duty mechanically galvanized finish available
  • Heat treatment provides surface and core hardness
  • One-piece design with finished washer head
  • Serrated head facilitates a positive lock between bolt and application surface for enhanced vibration resistance
  • Hardened, self-tapping threads feature a revolutionary undercutting design
        - Allows for immediate load application
  • Reduces required installation torque
        - Can be installed with an impact or socket wrench
        - Can be removed and reinstalled
  • Anchor length is stamped on head to ease identification pre- and post-installation
  • Easier and faster installation than mechanical expansion anchors
  • Prepare hole with lower-cost ANSI B212.15 standard bit - no metric or off-size bits needed
  • Lower spacing and edge distance requirements than mechanical expansion anchors
Specifications, Listings, and Approvals

Diameters: 1/4" - 3/4"
Anchor Body: Heat-treated carbon steel
Threads: Self-taping threads with special undercutting design
  • 1/4" anchors are zinc electroplated to ASTM B633, Type III, SC1
  • All other sizes are mechanically galvanized to ASTM B695, Class 65, Type 1
Head Style: Hex flange head with locking serrations Tested in accordance with ASTM E488
Application Materials: Normal weight concrete, lightweight concrete, solid masonry; may be suitable for hollow masonry Installation:Standard drill bits and impact wrench (solid concrete only) or socket wrench
Installation: Standard drill bits and impact wrench (solid concrete only) or socket wrench

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