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Installation Instructions
  1. Drill the hole perpendicular to the work surface. Do not ream the hole or allow the drill to wobble. Drill the hole to the proper minimum hole depth as shown in the chart for the anchor to be installed.
  2. Thoroughly clean hole using compressed air and a nylon brush. An unclean hole may compromise anchor performance.
  3. Set the initial anchor embedment: Thread the sacrificial cap screw with assembled nut and washer fully into the anchor. Refer to the table for Installation Spacing, then set that distance between the top of the anchor and the bottom of the washer to match this value.
  4. After setting the installation spacing, place the anchor into the hole and hammer downward on the top of the sacrificial cap screw until the nut makes contact with the surface of the concrete.
  5. To set the anchor you must tighten the nut. You may need to keep the cap screw from turning. Refer to Installation Turns as shown in the chart on the Tech Specs tab.
  6. Once the anchor is set remove the cap screw and clear the anchor with compressed air to remove any concrete dust from the threads

NOTE: Always wear safety glasses. Follow drill manufacturer's instructions. Use only solid carbide-tipped drill bits meeting ANSI B212.15 diameter standards.

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