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Nail-It Zamac Drive Nail Anchors

Installation Instructions
  1. Drill hole in masonry or concrete through mounting holes in fixture same diameter as anchor to be used. In wood and other soft material to be fastened, drill through fixture and directly into masonry. (Drill hole 1/4" deeper than the calculated embedment depth.) Clean hole using compressed air and a nylon brush. A clean hole is necessary for proper performance.
  2. Insert anchor assembly through mounting holes in fixture and into anchor hole.
  3. Tap gently until head of anchor body is set tightly against item to be fastened. Gently hammer pin flush to expand body. Do not over-drive pin into body as this could damage the anchor.

NOTE: Always wear safety glasses. Follow drill manufacturer's instructions. Use only solid carbide-tipped drill bits meeting ANSI B212.15 diameter standards.
CAUTION: Drive Nail Anchors are not recommended for structural or overhead applications, nor is it for use in new concrete which has not had sufficient time to cure.

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