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Extends up to the entire length of screw to provide high holding strength in solid or hollow walls

Key Features and Benefits
  • Completely solid anchor with circular cross-section
        - Causes all forces from mating screw to be fully transmitted to the wall of the hole
        - Provides full compressive holding over entire length of screw
  • Two styles available
        - Flanged for use where a cavity is anticipated (drywall, hollow brick, etc.).
        - Unflanged for push-through mounting
  • Can be more closely spaced than other solid?wall anchors
  • Fins prevents spinning and countersink even when using a screw gun
  • Anchor bonds screw to concrete, brick and stone, sealing the hole against moisture
  • Versatile - holds securely even in hollow walls and ceilings
  • Non-corrodible - safely used with stainless steel screws in corrosive environments
  • Screws anchored with ALLIGATOR anchors have very high residual holding strength and low susceptibility to failure by vibration or shock loads
  • Screw can be removed and reinserted in same anchor with little or no damage and without loss of holding power

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