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Welcome to Wej-It® High Performance Anchors®. We are committed to being the best at solving individual customers' concrete fastening problems with specialty products and customized programs. We treat everyone with respect, we deliver quality at a fair price, and we keep our promises.

The founder of wedge anchor technology, oldest manufacturer of the one-piece mechanical anchor, and maker of the Original Wej-It® wedge anchor, Wej-It® remains a premier supplier of concrete expansion anchors and adhesive fastening systems. We specialize in fastening solutions.

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...allowing the shelves to hold up to 200 lbs. (without securing to a stud). Additionally all EZ SHELF products include a lifetime guarantee and USA made Toggler SnapSkruĀ® self-drilling drywall anchors for additional strength and ease of installation.
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These are just some of the distributors selling our products (no longer at Grainger):

To become a distributor, fill in the Online Contact Form or contact David Garfield, our Exec VP, toll-free at 1-888-864-4537 or via email at david@toggler.com.

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