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Swimming pools can be great fun, but they can also be the cause of great tragedy unless proper precautions are taken. All children love to play in the water and have a great time, but this should be the case only with adult supervision. Therefore, to ensure that your child does not get access to an open pool, it is highly recommended—and even the law in some states—that a gated fence be placed around your pool. We recommend that you have a safe and happy summer by using our ALLIGATOR All-Purpose Anchors to fasten your gate into the cement around your pool.

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ALLIGATOR All-Purpose Anchors

ALLIGATOR All-Purpose Anchors

ALLIGATOR All Purpose Anchors are the wall anchors of choice for installing a swimming pool gate into the solid concrete around your pool. They resist vibration and shock better than standard concrete anchors. Using stainless steel screws with the anchors makes a corrosion-proof fastening!
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