Specialty Anchors - Pegboard

Specialty Anchors - Pegboard Packaging

Peg Hooks Get The Space They Need To Do The Job

Built-in spacers hold the pegboard the proper distance from the wall to allow peg hooks to work. The anchors eliminate furring strips, letting you configure the peg hooks in any arrangement you choose, quickly and easily, without losing the use of entire lines of peg holes.

May be also used as a stand-off for installing equipment on warm or wet walls when ventilation is needed behind the installed object.

Part number 50200 = Bag of 9 TBS2 TOGGLER Pegboard Anchors, 9 #8 x 1-3/4" combo head screws & 1 setting key.
Part number 11022 = Box of 50 TBS2 TOGGLER Pegboard Anchors & 3 setting keys


Position pegboard on wall and hold it in place with nails in corner peg holes. Mark every 24th hole across and down the pegboard for anchor locations. (Space anchors closer for extra support.) Remove pegboard and nails.

Pegboard Installation Image 1

Drill a 5/16" diameter hole at each mark—minimum hole depth in solid walls 1-1/4". Fold anchor, insert in hole, and tap flush with wall.

Pegboard Installation Image 2

Insert black key to pop anchor open behind wall (except in thick or solid walls). DO NOT HAMMER KEY. Remove key.

Pegboard Installation Image 3

Place pegboard over anchors. Insert screws and tighten flush with pegboard—then stop.

Use enclosed screws or any #8 x 1-3/4" pan head screw with a washer or a screw with a head larger than the peghole.

Pegboard Installation Image 4

The anchors also wedge securely in thick and solid walls. Do NOT use key.

These anchors may also be used to install double-slotted shelving standards.

Minimum quantity TBS2 anchors for following board sizes: 2'x2' (4), 2'x4' (6), 4'x4' (9), 4'x8' (15).


TOGGLER Specialty Anchors can be used in almost any material, including:

  • Gypsum Board
  • Drywall
  • Plasterboard
  • Plaster
  • Accoustic Ceilings
  • Tile over drywall

All TOGGLER Specialty Anchors can be used in any material (concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall, etc.) of any thickness above their minimum grip range.

All TOGGLER Specialty Anchors install in the wall like our TOGGLER Hollow-Wall Anchors, and wedge securely even if you hit a cavity in the wall with your drill. Each requires only a 5/16" (ø8mm) diameter drill bit.

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