How to Install Draperies, Curtain Rods & Blinds

How to Install Drapery

Installing window treatments like draperies, curtain rods, and venetian or vertical blinds with TOGGLER® High Performance Anchors holds them securely on all walls so that they do not come loose or pull out when you tug on the drape, curtain, or blind to open it.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Tools: Drill, screwdriver / screw gun, measuring tape / ruler, level, pencil, screw.

Use our Application Finder to choose the right TOGGLER anchor, based on your wall material and the weight of your window treatment. For most fastening into hollow wall, like drywall or plaster, our SNAPTOGGLE Toggle Bolt is the ideal anchor for window treatments.

If our Application Finder suggests using one of our other TOGGLER High Performance Anchors, click on "Learn more" under that anchor on the right-hand side of this page to see how to use that anchor to install your window treatment quickly and easily:

To install draperies, curtain rods, and blinds using the SNAPTOGGLE Toggle Bolt:
  1. Follow the instructions included with your window treatment for marking the location of each anchor in the wall or ceiling.
  2. At each location, drill 1/2" diameter hole. Hold metal channel flat alongside plastic straps with top of channel facing up and slide channel through hole.
    NOTE: Minimum clearance behind wall: 1-7/8".
  3. Hold ends of straps between thumb and forefinger and pull toward you until channel rests flush behind wall. Slide plastic cap along straps with other hand until flange of cap is flush with wall.
  4. Snap straps at wall by pushing side to side, snapping off straps level with flange of cap. Repeat at each location.
  5. Place window treatment over flange. Insert screw through bracket and tighten until flush against bracket, then stop. Repeat for each hole in the window treatment bracket.
  6. Following the manufacturer's instructions, install window treatment (drapery, curtain rod, blind) in bracket.

To avoid having to clean up the drywall powder from the floor after drilling the hole, place an index card underneath your drill bit to catch the dust as you are drilling.

Products for this Application

SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors

SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors

SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors are quick, secure anchors for installing lightweight window treatments (draperies, curtain rods, or blinds) on drywall and gypsum board. NO drill needed!
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SNAPTOGGLE Heavy-Duty Drywall Anchors

SNAPTOGGLE Heavy-Duty Toggle Bolts

SNAPTOGGLE Toggle Bolts are the strongest, most reliable anchors for installing window treatments (draperies, curtain rods, or blinds) on a hollow wall, whether it is drywall, hollow block, or plaster over lath.
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Plastic Toggle Drywall Anchors

TOGGLER Plastic Toggle Anchors

TOGGLER Plastic Toggle Anchors are easy to use and secure anchors for installing mediumweight window treatments (draperies, curtain rods, or blinds) on drywall and gypsum board, but also work securely if you hit a stud.
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ALLIGATOR All-Purpose Anchors

ALLIGATOR All-Purpose Anchors

ALLIGATOR All-Purpose Anchors are the wall anchors of choice for installing window treatments of all types (draperies, curtain rods, or blinds) on a solid wall, such as concrete walls, brick walls, or stone walls.
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